If you were to take “good vibes” and package it in a bottle to be sold to millions with a guarantee that when the millions of people receive it good vibes is what they would receive she would be it.
Gugulethu was a joy to shoot, she has that wow factor, i initionally met her when she was working at an internet cafe in my town, walking in i was taken aback by how pretty she is, and I’m betting that for most people having a girl as pretty as she is working in an internet cafe is bound to make the trip to get there that much better.

So i asked her if we could shoot one time and she agreed……and ladies and gentlemen it was a looooooooooooong wait but once she got back to me we were on.
I took some pics of her first wearing a bikini tops with some shorts and white kicks, taking the shots in her backyard, taking picks of her by her crib made it much more comfortable and elevated chill levels(if that’s even possible).

I’ll post another set soon till then enjoy.
PS: Did i mention that she’s pretty?….oh i did?….ok then😊







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