Not to long ago i was approached by the great and always humble tsholofelo Mmusi to come by and take pics of her graduation party on an easy, breezy saturday.Everyone from friends and family even neighbours were there to share in the festivities and created some memories which i was able to capture to the best of my ability.

and so i went ahead and just soaked it all in, do note that i almost shed a few tears but due to my me being male i had to postpone thy waterworks for a later stage(probably marriage) and that’s ok as long as i did the deed on behalf of Ms.Mmusi it’s all good, congrats again thell and here’s to a prosperous future.enjoy fellow viewers.


mother and daughter at the peek of joint happiness.


Mam Mmusi still rocks that gown neh.


Thell getting down(or at least attempting to, to be honest i feared for her life because of the heels she had on)


Three muskateers.


Thell’s bro with a few encouraging words.


ncaww such sisterly love is hard to come by.


tsholo 85

And it wouldn’t be a grad party without a few tears…….ahhhh females.


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