Mamimi my minolta:::film set 4


Continuing with my photo walk sets with this next one, it’s hard having to wait for film to be developed i must admit, it’s as agonizing as having to be in labor waiting for your next kin to be delivered (well maybe not as extreme) but still equally painful.

i shot all these images in kodak color plus 200 kind of gave it a trial run to see how it works in my minolta and it is as sharp as a lead pencil so i figure that i’ll stick to using fujifilm for my street photos and use kodak film for my shoots, now and again, so dig into these until i unearth my next set later this week.Good day to you all.



so i met up with this woman selling avo’s by the benoni station and we had a lengthy talk about how she makes amagwinya, whether she thinks kaizer chiefs did poorly this season, and also about her boss(who has quite the kwaal expression on her mug) and after all that she still was waaaaay to shy in me taking a pic of her, so i stood quite the distance away and got 2 shots of her unloading and setting up which was fine but i had to be a bit critical at myself for not getting closer but i loved these two nonetheless.



memories of : daveyton 2005 by dusk, even though back then the air was indeed polluted i still soaked in that atmosphere.




This woman was so anxious waiting for her daughter to arrive, and all i noticed was how white her converse were, i quietly mourned for them as i know even one spec of dirt would ruin them.



before i got to the station i took a pic of this bundle of joy on her way to school to jozi alone, clearly mom did a good job in teaching her how to get there safely. i liked how the morning sun was illuminating on her but what sucked was i didn’t have enough space to fit her in the frame because i was in a DAMN VENTURE!!!!!!! the crampiest(if that’s even a word) cab in existence,Anywho, what else that i noticed was that the child had a lot of vaseline applied on her, and that folks is how you tell that a mother loves her child, either way big up to the little one for riding solo.



This pick i shot while i was waiting for my film to be developed and i couldn’t help but love the bike(mainly because it was black).

George and Sheila where the owners and didn’t mind me taking a pic of then on it, and personally i wish i was on it as well but my height is my greatest nemesis unfortunately, but this thing is mean on the ears yong!!!

reminder to self : Use kodak color plus 200 in later shoots as well.


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