Buhle #3.2

So last set for this year of 2016, one thing that I’ve picked up about photography especially when it comes to people is how good it makes them feel about themselves.

Having someone look at the back of the camera and see themselves as they’ve never imagined before makes me smile a bit, as long as i don’t get dogged on for some bad pics i do take which is inevitable for one to have when you take 200+ shots to get to a good 30 to post, but this year has taught me that happiness can come from something as simple as a well taken and composed picture.

Still a lot for me to learn in this field but i feel one never stops learning when it comes to the arts or life in general so to all who have been viewing my sets from February til’ now thank you a lot for your time, more to come in 2017(hopefully, don’t want to jinx it.)

This set is a continuation of the 1st cour of buhle who i shot in the shower, still bikini vibes and still her being comfortable in her own skin, enjoy this set and i’ll see you all in 2017!


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