Haven’t posted my street photography mash ups in a while so I thought I’d get back to it slightly, so here’s today’s uber set.

A tree bark I stumbled upon my way to pic up film, a section of it looked alien to me like the sutratce of a planet, love the red in it.

Mama dolphin(whether the dolphin aged well is totally up to you.)

On my way home I decided to pass by a local park in the kasi(township) and it’d great seeing kids active and pushing themselves to do better because they love what they do, like kid Lebron over here.

Rush hour 4.

Nana in these three pics is an old confidant of mine from high school, I bumped into her on my way to a shoot and she looked mint in the gear she had on, and she’s a cop working around my town, and who said that the po’po gots no style.

Now Tumi is my dear sister, while on location for her shoot I sneaked in a couple shoots, ms. Bubbly van bubbles over here gave my 2 good ones, Tumi never change girl.

Kid Maq.

The percussionist (not percussioning yet of course, he needs a bit of black in the system 1st.)

Afraid of heights(no ceilings.)

Images made with kodak color plus 200 & kodak pro Foto XL 100(expired by 4 years.)


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