Last month I got approached by Rakau to help make a couple of images for his brand “THRILL R.” And I didn’t hesitate as long as it meant I got to jam some more.
That’s when I met kutlwano who as it turns out is also a photographer (hey hey fancy that ) and so it would be my 1st time shooting a fellow creative and her 1st time modeling.
The jam in question took place in a suave parking lot, so much space, so much light and so much of me geeking out at the possibilities of how to use the space and it went swell, one thing I liked was collaborating with like minds and bouncing ideas of each other in quick succession which turned out great, not to mention kutlano having to kill it for her first time as a muse, good feels all around this set is a bit of a biggie but there was so much I loved so happy viewing.

Check out the finished video product tied to these images via :

Instagram : @hoperakau or

On Facebook : Thrill R.


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