Summer is here and a whole lot of people are feeling the hype for this season, I’m loathing it a bit though due to the heat being crazy hot at times even after Meneer El nino hath departed off our shores(land), however I can’t totally hate it because the moods right to chill and lay back after a long year of toiling.
These photos were made towards the end of a certain summer, Aya hit me up for a shoot and I abliged, of course when a pool is involved in cray amounts of heat why not dive in, Aya brought heat of her own in the form of Ms. Beat it 85 paired with boots a jacket and candy colored glasses, and Aya did as Aya does, I used fill in flash when needed and Aya was fun to jam with as usual she knew how to go about her surroundings after the shutter sounded making the flow of the pics almost effortless, so here’s the set do enjoy.
(On an interesting side note I wonder if Ms. Beat it 85 would get along with Mr. Suit a’ la’ can temba, meh… thats an absurd assumption on my part to be honest.)




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