Last film set for this year, haven’t shot as much street stuff as I would have hoped but holiday season is coming up so the opportunities will be a plenty, as usual this is a mash up of my favorite pictures that I made on my Minolta maxxum 7000 so I do hope you enjoy.

Film(s) used were : kodak profoto XL, Fuji film superior 200 and Afga 100 slide film.

Municipal Gurth.


“Hello Monday my old friend…..”

Way of the headwrap.

This man awakens early every other day to get a few shots in, reminds me to never stop practicing on my own craft when the chance calls for it.

Dab like….

School choir around my locale about to raise the roof, their performance was beautiful.

@starthepoetist reciting on of her poems, like how sharp she was along with the rapid flow she brought, good stuff.

An accapela group also baring their talent, town I was in is called daveyton and there was a culture and arts event being hosted that I had to go to, I used fujifim at a very slow shutter speed to capture these.

Where was this bike when I was growing up?(mind you I can’t ride one at all)

Blossom and bubbles can skate though.

Ahh the game of men and the only rite of passage for on who is called male(nah I’m overselling) just marbles, haven’t played in a decade but its nice that kids still enjoy this.

Honor killed the samurai.

Bumped into ashaad the other day.

Was in the cab when I took this, thought of seeing how the slide would work and not too bad.


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