Final set for 2017 funny enough ends how it did last year with a buhle set, so this particular one is and easy one in a sense that i didn’t have to direct her at all she just went with the flow and that made it easy for me to compose the image, she had on a turquoise number and i added flash accordingly but otherwise buhle brought it in a great way and this set is a good one for me to end of the year with.

Currently i’m preparing to engage in what i can only call a photoshoot gauntlet and as gloomy as that may sound this is what i’ve been waiting for a long time to do, as for this year itself its been a rocky one in some places especially if you live in my country South africa, but there is a lot of good that i’ve gone through too, meeting and shooting with other creatives, having to jam with down to earth personalities, and also pushing  myself to learn and practice as much as i can to be better at my style of photography.

but i’m also grateful to those who take the time to view my work and for that i thank you person in front of the phone(or computer screen). Here’s the last set enjoy and have a wonderful christmas and start to the new year!


























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